The Best 3 Woods on the Market in 2021 [Best 3 Wood Review]

When it comes down to choosing the leading 3 woods for 2020, it can be rather tough to slim points down.

In this review of the best 3 woods of 2020, I will choose one choice for high handicappers, one for mid handicappers, and one for low handicappers.

These alternatives will certainly be the best of the best as well as have everything that you need to do well with your 3 wood both from the tee and the brief lawn.

Best 3 Wood For A Low Handicapper: TaylorMade SIM 3 Wood

The TaylorMade SIM was a no brainer when we put together our checklist of the finest 3 woods. We picked the SIM Model for the reduced handicap gamer because TaylorMade functioned to make this 3 wood specifically for the better player.

The TaylorMade SIM woods have the brand new transformed V Steel sole. The V Steel has actually enabled the center of gravity to be extremely low on this 3 wood. The mix of the low center of mass as well as the V STeel innovation has actually caused much better turf communication.

Reduced handicap gamers that tend to hit 3 wood from the short lawn more frequently than the tee will certainly be happy with this rise in modern technology.

The SIM, although valued greater than the SIM MAX model, is a lot more functional. The SIM has a two-degree loft space sleeve that will allow you to change the loft on this 3 wood to obtain the launch that you require. The carbon crown on this SIM offers this club a terrific top-down look too.

The TaylorMade SIM 3 wood has a ZaTech Titanium deal that assists it has an unbelievably hot hit. This brand-new face technology is just readily available in the SIM model as well as not the MAX or MAD D.

Low handicap golf players looking for a club with a little forgiveness, however lots of feeling will certainly be happily stunned by the TaylorMade SIM 3 woods.

What We Like
  • Flexible loft space sleeve
  • V Steel Sole
  • Reduced Center of Gravity
  • Costs Shaft offerings
  • Carbo crown, tidy top-down appearance
  • Titanium face
  • Greater priced choice

Best 3 Wood For A Mid Handicapper: Callaway Mavrik 3 Wood

Callaway Mavrik woods are below to replace the Rogue of 2014. These woods are offered in three designs: the Mavrik, Mavrik Max, and also the Mavrik Sub Zero. For the mid handicapper, we are suggesting the Mavrik 3 wood to be the best option.

In the last couple of years, Callaway has presented things like flash face technology, jailbreak modern technology, 360 face cups, and now they also are using artificial intelligence to precisely put the center of mass in each club.

What we like about the Mavrik woods is that they have integrated all of these wonderful modern technologies and also put them all right into the Mavrik club head.

What a mid handicapper requires out of a 3 wood is distance and forgiveness. If a 3 wood is going to gain an area in a middle handicappers bag, it requires to be a reputable option both off the tee as well as from the brief grass.

The brand-new 3 wood is best for both rapid and slow-moving swing rates as it is used with a number of cost graphite shaft choices.

Although we like adjustability in woods and feel as though that can offer gamers the best value, this 3 wood is not flexible. Although that can be somewhat unsatisfactory, Callaway made sure that the center of mass and also loft space were the best combination with the detailed graphite shaft options this club uses.

What We Like
  • Priced at reasonable
  • Long as well as very forgiving
  • Flash innovation
  • Reduced center of gravity
  • The choice for all swing speed
  • A great alternative to a Driver for Mid handicapper

Best 3 Wood For A High Handicapper: Cobra Airspeed 3 Wood

The F Max collection of fairway woods have actually long been called some of one of the most flexible clubs for high handicappers. Mostly found in the offset model, the F Max supplies gamers the aid they require to square up the face angle at effect.

What Cobra has actually done yearly is to update the woods too much better the innovation yet still keep the forgiveness in position.

Cobra F MAX Airspeed 3 woods are a few of the lightest options on the marketplace. This 3 wood can be found in 16 levels of a loft, which is a little more than various other competitors.

Yes, the greater loft could cost you a little range, yet it will not matter if you are striking this wood strong whenever. The F MAX, as a result of its light-weight layout, will certainly be a lot comfier for the slower swing rate player to hit.

Including back heel weighting as well as a reduced center of gravity, this is just one of the best 3 woods for newbies as well as high handicappers.

Much like the majority of F MAX designs, this club is supplied in a countered choice. If a 3 wood is new to your bag, don’t be afraid to select that offset model to aid on your own with the face angle at impact.

What We Like
  • Brand-new fairway
  • Great affordability in price
  • Offset layout
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Ideal 3 woods for senior, newbie and also the high handicapper

Runner Ups

When choosing our finest 3 wood options for you, we ran into quite a few runner ups that must additionally be mentioned.

These 3 wood options did not make the leading 3, they are still going to be one of the better choices for brand-new clubs to include in your bag this year.

Cobra Speedzone 3 Wood

Runner Up 1

There are options for scratch golf players up to 30 handicap players. An attribute that we enjoy for any golf enthusiast!

Last year the F9 3 wood was quite possibly obtained, and also Cobra dialed in both the shaft as well as the clubhead choices for the 2020 season.

This club will definitely do, as well as you can enjoy your results with the Cobra attach innovation

An excellent option for a brand-new 3 wood in your bag.

What We Like
  • Readily available in 3 various versions.
  • Adjustability in loft space.
  • Cobra attaches modern technology.
  • Classic as well as extra-large versions available

Cleveland Launcher Turbo 3 Wood

Runner Up 2

One of the factors Cleveland constantly makes it on our review lists is since they keep points easy.

There is a large majority of golf enthusiasts that want a requirement, classic looking 3 wood to simply change their motorist, or get them out of difficulty after a terrible vehicle driver. Yearly Cleveland delivers a model that is forgiving and also constantly long without costing a ton of money.

This year with the Launcher Turbo, they did a wonderful task on distance. In the years past, their 3 wood capabilities were not quite as long as other brand names, however this year, they caught up.

What We Like
  • Classic and straightforward design
  • Easy to use
  • Reduced center of gravity
  • Greater launching
  • Valued well

TaylorMade M6 3 Wood

Runner Up 3

When the brand-new SIM MAX fairway woods appeared in 2019, the M6 was instantly deemed old modern technology. Well, we will allow you in on a little secret; this 3 wood innovation is not also close to old.

The M6 was a great 3 wood choice from 2019, and also the only reason that must hold you back from putting this club in your bag would certainly be that you don’t have enough room.

With rate pocket technology and acoustic tuning, this 3 wood had excellent feel, launch, and playability. What is also far better than all of that is that the rates have currently come down.

The M6 is a terrific 3 wood choice for the mid to high handicap player; the M5 is better for the lower handicapper golf players. If you are looking for a draw predisposition 3 wood, the M6 does offer this option.

The only issue that gamers described with the M6 was the grass communication not being as tidy as possible; this has actually been approved upon with the new SIM model.

What We Like
  • Offered in draw bias and standard
  • Twist face technology
  • Very long and also innovation is still new
  • When SIM was launched, the Price decline
  • Forgiving

3 Wood Purchasing Guide

The best 3 woods will certainly come stuffed with mercy. The lower the loft space jumps on a club, the tougher it can be to hit.

When selecting a 3 wood, it is vital to pick something that has a high ball rate, a cost graphite shaft, as well as reduced spin.

Below are some other frequently asked questions about buying a 3 wood.

Do I Need A 3 Wood And A 5 Wood?

Set makeup is primarily a course management thing. If you are playing the same training course constantly as well as you rarely use your 3 wood, then you do not require to bring one.

One of the best points you can do is get 2 adjustable fairway woods. If you struck a 3 wood the best when it is set to 16 degrees, you can set your various other fairway woods accordingly. At the same time, if you strike it best at 14, you can ensure you do not have a considerable space in your bag.

Do I Need Fairways At All?

This is really a personal choice. We do think that many far better players will contend the very least one fairway wood in their golf bag. When your driver is having a bad day or when you feel as though you have the green light for hitting a par 5 in also, it just makes good sense.

With the popularity of crossbreed clubs, much less, as well as fewer individuals, are carrying a complete collection of fairways, however, most golfers have a couple of guarantees.

What Lie Should I Hit Fairways From?

Some players never strike their fairway wood from the actual fairway. For a good bulk of golfers, fairway woods are an option to a Driver off the tee but are never made use of from the fairway.

Fairway woods are not constantly the easiest to strike from a limited lie on the fairway. Especially if you select a very reduced lofted three wood, this shot can wind up rather a range away from your target.

Make certain you are not in a divot if you do have the self-confidence to hit a fairway wood sturdily. Striking from a divot takes a fair bit of ability, as well as you are much better off striking a crossbreed or honestly even iron that you feel great with.

If you remain in the harsh, you can hit a fairway wood, yet the ball needs to be staying up. You are required to obtain the ball to develop anywhere if the ball is buried in any kind of means you will certainly have a tough time obtaining the clubhead rate.

For a deeply buried ball, attempt a hybrid or truthfully also an 8 or 9 iron. You will certainly compromise some distance, but you will get yourself back right into play.

The strength of fairway woods is not from a poor lie. This is where your hybrid will outperform your fairway. Take care to assess your lie and also the trouble before you before pulling your club out of the bag.

How Are My Fairway Woods Different From My Hybrids?

Your fairways are made to be like a sibling to your motorist. The crossbreed is a lot more very closely pertaining to your irons. With fairway woods, you are most likely to want to swing in a much more sweeping movement just like a chauffeur. With the hybrid, you will hit down as well as via the ball similar to an iron.

Fairway woods will certainly execute off a brief tee or a tidy hinge on the fairway. They don’t do as well from a sloped or rough lie; the hybrids are your better choice for that.

If you require to quit a ball quickly on an environment-friendly, a crossbreed will certainly be your better selection. If you intend to try and also run a shot as long as you can up in the direction of the entryway of an eco-friendly, choose your fairway wood.


Selecting the best fairway wood can be tough. Several of the best fairway woods on the market have actually been released in 2020. We see clubs that go further than any wood has entered the past.

The TaylorMade SIM, the Callaway Mavrik, and also Cobra F MAX Airspeed will certainly help players in different means, yet the bottom line is that including any of these 3’s in your bag will certainly improve your game.




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