Callaway X 18 Iron Review (2021 Update): Features, Pros&Cons and Customer Reviews

Ready to learn Callaway X 18 Iron Review? So, let’s get started. A few golf club brands have discovered their means into the hearts of lots of specialists and also amateur golfers. The names of those brand names have actually transformed a bit over the years, however, Callaway, TaylorMade, and PING have flat-out dominated the club market over the last number of decades.

Some collections of irons made during the past ten years or two have appeared to stand up far better than others over time. Although they’re not brand new, that’s why many gamers still search for them today.

Released in late 2004, Callaway X 18 irons (and also their close family members the Callaway X-18 Pro irons) are an example of clubs that stand up in time. They carry out equally as well currently as they did back in late 2004. Before I obtain into the “meat” of my review, allow me to offer you a little background on the firm’s X-series of clubs.

Callaway X 18 Iron Review: A Little Background of the LineUp

The X-series has an extremely prominent as well as lengthy pedigree, with numerous very successful designs being generated. Throughout the years, some of the world’s ideal elite amateurs as well as expert golf enthusiasts have relied on Callaway’s X-series irons.

Callaway X-18 irons (and the X-18 Pro model) are the prompt followers to their earlier X-16 equivalents. A number of X-series designs have actually appeared since the X-18s, but experts constantly valued this specific collection for its reliable efficiency. Leisure players like these irons for their smooth looks as well as forgiving nature.

You can’t simply stroll right into a golf shop as well as choose up a collection of Callaway X-18 irons since they’re almost a year old. Also so, I wanted to check and also review these clubs since they’re still so prominent with leisure golf enthusiasts.

My very first remark is on the appearances of these clubs. Their sleek surface and the bright blue medallions in the back dental caries make them look great in the bag. And their relatively traditional-size heads (no extremely game-improvement “shovels” below) make them look just as good when you’re dominating them at the address.

Now, right here are my ideas on how they execute.

Pick up one of these clubs as well as you’ll immediately see Callaway’s well-known S2H2 style (Short, Straight, Hollow, Hosel)– where the shaft of the club prolongs all the way to the bottom of the head as well as is visible there. X-18 irons additionally make use of the company’s VFT style (Variable Face Thickness) to advertise longer, straighter shots as well as Extreme Notch Weighting to supply even more head security when you miss out on the pleasant place.

The clubs are so well balanced that they’re very easy to swing and also just as simple to strike. When I found the pleasant place, the ball leaped off the face and also went right where I intended it. When I missed the wonderful area, the clubs provided me just the appropriate quantity of responses– the vibrations weren’t punishing, yet they weren’t excessively masked either.

It was easy for me to hit a willful draw, not so easy for a willful slice. However, possibly that’s simply me as well as my certain swing.

All-time Low Line on Callaway X-18 Irons

I do not remember the last time I hit a set of Callaway irons that I really did not such as. I feel the same way about Callaway X-18 irons– they really did not dissatisfy me in any way. They’re getting to be about ten years old now so you won’t locate a new set in a golf store or your local pro shop, but you’ll still be able to locate these irons if you look online.

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