Callaway X Hot 3 Woods / Fairway Woods Review (2021 Update)

The Callaway X Hot 3 Woods is a model that Callaway released a number of years back as a flexible as well as simple to strike club. Thankfully, despite having all the new releases, there are still plenty of X Hot fairways readily available for purchase.

The X Hot fairway is a great choice if you are a person that has a hard time obtaining the ball in the air on longer shots. This Callaway X Hot fairway was released to change the RAZR versions.

The Callaway X Hot has an extra-large head and also asserts to be a fair bit longer than the RAZR Fairway ever before were.

Similar to all of our testimonials, we will offer you an extra detailed summary of the X Hot as well as supply some choices that need this Callaway not be the ideal fit for you and your game.

Benefits and Features of Callaway X Hot 3 Woods

Player Handicap

There are lots of reduced handicap gamers that understand simple to hit 3 wood is vital.

However, when Callaway created the X Hot fairway wood, they had the mid to high handicapper in mind. An oversized head integrated with high launch makes this club not only long however also flexible.

Shaft Options (3/5)

Because Callaway is no longer producing the X Hot fairway wood, you will certainly be stuck with the original stock shaft that it was manufactured with.

This is not a negative point. The project x speed is a flexible and lightweight shaft that promotes a greater launch.

Don’t be concerned about higher releasing fairway woods, they will certainly still fly plenty much enough, the launch is essential for bringing.

The Project X Velocity is offered in the light, stiff as well as routine flex. Task X is recognized for making high-grade shafts for both kinds of wood and also irons; this job x speed is no exception.

Look/Sound/Feel (4/5)

Callaway defined the Callaway X Hot as being similar to the old warbird woods. We aren’t certain we agree with this, but we do think this club, with its speed structure innovation, has a strong look, sound, and also feel.

The extra-large head is going to make this even more of a look for a mid to high handicapper. When standing 200 backyards from the opening with six bunkers as well as a water danger in front of you, the additional dimension can provide a gamer some confidence.

The Callaway X Hot Fairway has a suitable sound to it when the ball comes off the clubface. Not a ping sound and not a thud, enough of a click to make you feel as you have actually completed something.

As with any forgiving club, the feeling coming off the face of the club will certainly be a bit different than the gamers’ model. Mainly we discovered the distinction when it pertains to workability; the ball releases off the clubface so easily it’s difficult to really feel exactly what the outcome will certainly be.

Again, this is only an issue for a reduced handicap gamer wanting to move the ball from entrusted to right on fairway wood shots.

Distance (4/5)

The range on this X Hot Fairway Wood is sort of a loved one thing. When compared to fairway woods of five or even more years earlier, it is quite a bit much longer.

Callaway asserts that out of a depend on the harsh, the X Hot fairway wood is, typically, twenty-four yards much longer than the RAZR was. That is a lot of range.

The next question would be, Is the X Hot as long as the newer Epic, Rogue, and currently Mavrik designs?

Undoubtedly, with the rate framework modern technology in this club, it will release plenty enough time for the average golf player. Nonetheless, if the distance is your main problem, you ought to usually look as well at the latest releases of fairway woods.

Forgiveness (4/5)

Very straightforward to strike out of a selection of lies. Callaway motivates you to try this club from lies of all kinds as it responds very well, level of the harsh.

The face is large, allowing a larger pleasant area as well as the ability to obtain the ball up airborne swiftly, despite having a 3 wood in your hand.

Price (5/5)

The cost differs a little, but typically, it can be located for considerably less than it was originally released a few years earlier.

Let’s See the Video of Callaway X Hot Fairway Woods!


Cobra F8 Fairway

The Cobra F8 Fairway is an additional older launch that has decreased in cost. Usually, it is very excellent. The F8 is a very flexible and also flexible fairway.

Let’s See the Video of Cobra F8 Fairway!

The F8 fairway woods feature the Cobra Connect modern technology to aid you to track your distance and precision with the club. Offered in a 3/4 wood or a 5/6 wood, there is an alternative for everybody with the F8.

TaylorMade RBZ

Very comparable to the Callaway X Hot Fairway, the RBZ is likewise offered at practically specifically the very same rate.

Incredibly forgiving, hot off the clubface, and also unbelievable ball rate. Not as long as the new Sim Max Fairway, the RBZ is a budget-friendly, easy to strike, high establishing option.

Don’t Miss the Video of TaylorMade RBZ!

The RBZ comes in a black surface, removing glare as well as offering it a clean and smooth appearance.

Callaway Mavrik

The Callaway Mavrik fairway woods are a brand-new technology.

Making use of artificial intelligence and ball rate enhancing technology, the Mavrik woods are as long as well as forgiving as you can obtain.

Let’s See the Video of Callaway Mavrik!

Certainly, that indicates you will spend on that, virtually double the price of the Callaway X Hot Fairway.

Wrapping Up

Callaway X Hot filled a requirement for a long time when players needed something versatile and simple to strike.

The club has now dropped in a rate considerably as brand-new models have actually been launched, making it a large amount for a mid handicap player seeking a 3 or 5 wood in their bag.

The club is very easy to get off the ground, lugs a long way out of challenging lies, and will not injure the budget plan regrettable to add it to your golf bag.

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