Currently being marketed by Dick’s Sporting Goods (a preferred American-based sporting goods firm), Walter Hagen golf clubs are named after among history’s genuinely legendary golf enthusiasts. “The Haig” had a guaranteed swagger and credibility for “living large,” but during his profession, he had 44 Tour success, and 11 of them were majors. Today, the company […]

There are several kinds of senior golf players, and each has various wants and needs when it pertains to golf irons. You have your newbie golf enthusiast. The person who simply retired, seeking to fill up his time, or lastly listens to the other half who has actually been attempting to obtain him out of […]

Possibly you opted for a putter fitting, as well as they informed you center shafted was ideal for your golf swing. Or maybe you experimented with a close friend’s putter and also recognized that the golf shaft is not always located in the heel of the club. Whatever the factor, you wound up here looking […]

Seniors and youth are equally fond of golf because it is often associated not only with grace, luxury, and sophistication but also with fun. Golf is the best blend of easy-going and challenging. To play golf you don’t need huge physical strength, a perfect athletic build, or intense training. However, it’s still challenging as it […]